Human Risk Platform

Traditional tools fail to provide contextual information about insider risk ― critical in the era of continuous security breaches and mounting governmental demands for regulatory surveillance. RedOwl is the leading platform integrating structured and unstructured data to provide holistic visibility into nuanced human activity, patterns, and long-term trends which comprise human risk.

RSA 2014 Winner
Sinet 2016 Innovator

RedOwl Vision

  • Data without context is of limited value.
  • Human behavior comes down to fundamentals ― act, communicate, move + enrichment.
  • Workflow is everything for complex problems: speed purpose, context, spread.
  • One data source is a reference point, not an alert. Ineffective alerts can adversely affect workflow.
  • Analysts and teams are a key part of information security and regulatory surveillance architecture.

Leverage all Structured and Unstructured Data Sources

Data sources floating


  • Network
  • Endpoints
  • Identity


  • Email
  • Chat
  • Voice


  • Surveillance
  • Trade
  • Market Data


  • Physical Access
  • HR Data
  • Third-Party Feeds

Layered Analytics Form the Core of our Analytic Platform

Data model fragments

Data Model

Flexible and extensible capabilities for diverse data sources to support any risk use case.

Behavior analysis

Behavioral Analytics

Advanced data science captures changes in behavior across time, not just anomaly detection and role-based alerts.

Content Analytics

Natural Language Processing, including sentiment analysis and information extraction, to understand what matters.

Data visualizations


See existing data sources to more easily detect anomalies and monitor organizational health.

Solve Hard Problems in Information Security & Regulatory Compliance

Security analytics delivers visibility into enterprise risk in an era when the threats have surpassed the perimeter.

Streamlined technology makes it easier to review large data sets and work with teams of supervisors across the company.