RedOwl Information Security

You've Built the Wall.
What About the Risk Inside?

RedOwl Information Security protects client sensitive information, detects compromised accounts, and enforces the continued improvement of an organization's internal security culture.

Integrate data
sources to gain
visibility into human
risk across the
Quickly identify
and prioritize
high risk insiders
across your
Easily detect
malicious and
compromised user
accounts in your

Manage Enterprise Business Risk

Security teams have no visibility into the human layer

  • Unstructured data is growing at the rate of 62% per year.
  • Today's security solutions do not fully capture human interactions.

Data without Context is Meaningless

Leverage all structured and unstructured data sources in our human risk platform.

Data sources


  • Email
  • Voice
  • Identity


  • Email
  • Voice
  • Identity


  • Email
  • Voice
  • Identity

Human Risk Maturity Model

Integrating structured and unstructured data sources within a single application elevates your insider threat program and helps you reduce risk.

Maturity Model
Maturity Model

Solve the problems that really matter

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Prevent corporate espionage
  • Deploy a comprehensive insider threat program
  • Detect intellectual property loss.
  • Detect rogue, negligent and compromised employees
  • Perform context-rich incident response
Enteprise Risk Management