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RedOwl Regulatory Surveillance proactively detects and deters unwanted or illegal behaviors. Integrating structured and unstructured data sources within a single analytics platform helps reduce insider [...]

RedOwl enables security teams to proactively monitor for high risk behavior inside the enterprise. Our security analytics platform provides unparalleled context by fusing structured and [...]

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RedOwl combines sentiment analysis with user behavioral analytics to detect unwanted behavior within the enterprise, and Elasticsearch is at the heart of all of it. [...]

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Everyday, organizations create huge quantities of new data—sales statistics, login times, emails, IM’s, browser histories and stock trends. Security teams must capture, organize and make [...]

Any insider threat program must also be agile enough to anticipate the diverse range of data sources, risk scenarios, and behavioral narratives within an organization.

Every day, security officers, analysts, and administrators struggle to predict and prevent internal incidents—the qualitative nature of human behavior only complicates the process. What’s more, [...]

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With the dissolving perimeter and exploding digitization, effective insider risk management has become impossible. Today, nearly half of enterprise data and IP loss is due [...]

Every organization requires a specialized balance between preventive policies and monitoring practices. The key is establishing an organizational culture of compliance within the company—with buy-in [...]

Detecting exfiltration or unwanted communications through current DLP offerings is overly simplistic, relying on simple and static event-based rules. RedOwl, by contrast, takes a user [...]

Monitor and identify user and privileged accounts for signs of account compromise including suspicious access, behavior, navigation and geolocation. In addition, leverage analytics to put [...]

Quickly and effectively implement or customize a risk model on the RedOwl platform, based on an organization’s unique requirements without a professional services army.

Build an insider threat program to protect digital assets from departing employees, espionage and sabotage to enhance security and meet federal NISPOM (National Industrial Security [...]

Improve incident response management and leverage data for situational awareness, SOC efficiency and incident investigations.

Monitor for signs of workplace violence and harassment among contractors and employees in daily activity and customer interactions. 

Departing employees pose a tremendous risk to the enterprise if they take data and IP, conduct sabotage, or solicit employees and clients. Today, most enterprises [...]