How to REALLY See Insider Threats

Of the millions of insider attacks in the U.S. each year, most go undetected. In fact, the largest insider attack in the U.S. to date—the Well Fargo scandal of Sept 2016—continued for nearly 4 YEARS before it was detected and stopped, resulting in $185 million in fines and a huge hit to customer confidence. With the rise of UEBA, machine learning and sentiment analysis, why did this attack go undetected for so long? The answer is simple: the wrong insider threat management strategy.

Don’t make the same mistake. Watch this Webinar recorded on Wednesday October 26th, 2016 and hear from experts who have deployed cutting-edge insider threat technology at some of the world’s leading organizations.

Speakers share lessons learned and insights into:

  • How to effectively detect insider threats and the tools needed
  • Why security analytics is key to an insider threat program
  • What the wrong approach to insider threat management looks like
  • How UEBA and machine learning can significantly decrease risk



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