Monetizing the insider: The dark web’s increasing influence on insider risk

January 31, 2017

Monetizing the Insider — The dark web’s increasing influence on insider risk

Organizations face asymmetric and unprecedented risks from insiders — employees and contractors who have valid access to enterprise networks and assets. Today’s security teams are starting to understand some of the behavioral characteristics and the societal factors that affect the quantity and scale of this risk. However, little is still understood about the very real and powerful impact that the dark web is having on insider risk.

We partnered with Intsights to do a dark web investigation to help the community better understand the level of insider activity and how it is occurring.  

Read the report here.

Our findings:

  • The recruitment of insiders within the dark web is active and growing.
  • The dark web has created a market for employees to easily monetize insider access.
  • Insiders are being actively recruited and weaponized.

Also, our research illustrated:

  • Real examples of dark web forums and discussions based on insiders;
  • How the dark web is facilitating insider trading;
  • How insiders are recruited and for what;
  • How the dark web directly impacts an insider’s mindset, behaviors, and capabilities thereby creating unprecedented risk.
  • The need for, or adjustments to, your insider threat programs.

If you are headed to RSA 2017, we will be discussing this report with a panel of insider threat experts at our Insider Risk Forum & Wine Tasting event on Monday, February 13 at 7:00 – 10:00pm. We’d love to have you join us–RSVP now.